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Andalusierzucht Haller
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Thank you very much for being interested in our horses.

When you buy a HALLER bred horse, you are guaranteed a healthy, sound, people- oriented horse from champion bloodlines, capable and willing to help you meet your riding goals and ready to be your lifetime partner. 

When you want to get a HALLER bred foal, you are buying more than the horse. It takes 11 months before the miraculous birth of a new foal. Months before the foal is even conceived, the mare must be determined to be in good breeding condition, free of any infection, be provided with proper dental, veterinary and farrier care and be at a good weight by providing proper nutrition. Our broodmares and foals receive care and attention few others provide, realizing that optimum breeding and rearing conditions provide the basis for a happy and healthy horse. This investment of time and resources goes a long way to achieving a successful outcome at foaling time and producing a healthy, strong foal. 

You find horses for sale in the following price levels:

Price Level A: €5000.- to €9000.-

Price Level B: €10.000.- to €16.000.-

Price Level C: €17.000.- to €25.000.-

Price Level D: more than €25.000.-


Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to find the right horse for you. 

Greetings from the Bavarian alps near Munich,


Adelheid and Ludwig Haller